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Depuis plus de 80 ans Primagaz distribue le gaz en bouteille à travers différents réseaux de distribution s’adressant à la fois au marché domestique qu’au marché professionnel. Primagaz propose une gamme de bouteille de gaz en butane et propane, de 6 et 13kg adaptée à l’usage de chacun, à l’intérieur comme en extérieur. En 2018, Primagaz lance la BioTwiny : la première bouteille 100% biogaz du marché avec une réduction de 73% d’émissions de CO 2 (par rapport au propane standard). La bouteille parfaite pour les barbecues ! Plus d’informations sur www.primagaz.fr/a- propos/biopropane

Napoleon is a Canadian company that has been manufacturing gas, charcoal and electric barbecues for over 40 years. Napoleon distinguishes itself by its heating power, its exceptional quality and its robustness. Technology, performance and design are the key words for Napoleon products. Choosing a Napoleon barbecue is choosing the difference to multiply your culinary experiences!

SMOKED magazine is the first magazine in France 100% dedicated to the barbecue universe. Originally, the Barbecue is the desire to spend a convivial moment! Family memories, good local products, discussions around the grill are all part of the barbecue philosophy. We have the ambition to develop the barbecue sector thanks to new recipes for the grill, testimonies from enthusiasts, anecdotes, games, new products... In short, a rich and varied repertoire so that everyone in the family can find something to their liking! This very first issue will be offered free of charge at our BARBECUE EXPO show on March 18, 19 and 20, 2022 at the Paris Event Center, subject to availability.

Created in October 2008, Barbecue & Co was the first concept in France of a store dedicated to cooking "around the fire". During this period, the company has sold more than 80,000 barbecues, planchas, smokers, braziers... of the best brands or exclusively, attracting new fans all the time. In its 1500 m² store in Feucherolles (78) and on its website www.barbecue-co.com Barbecue & Co presents the largest choice in Europe of barbecues, planchas, braziers, smokers, accessories and selected fuels. But also an offer of food products (sauces, rubs, exceptional meats...), wines and beers always related to the barbecue. Beyond its motto "cook, share, have fun" BARBECUE&CO aims to promote this magnificent art of living that is a barbecue meal with its values of sharing, freedom and break with the constraints of everyday life.


Sourcer, official importer and exclusive distributor of many brands discovered all over the world, La Maison du Whiskey has been supporting whiskey and spirits lovers for more than 60 years. Curious and creative, we are guided by two things: the passion for products and the desire to make them discover in our shops, on whisky.fr or at the best wine shops in France.

A true concentrate of Islay, Big Peat brings together in an expression the best of this iconic island. Recognizable among a hundred, Big Peat makes everyone agree by reconciling Ardbeg's ardor, the very distinct character of the rare Port Ellen, the iodized notes of Caol Ila and the spicy notes of Bowmore's fining. Through this range of Remarkable Regional Malts, Douglas Laing has perfectly transcribed the spirit of an island yet indomitable! Dry and smoky peat, available in small batch only.ace

For more than 200 years, the Buffalo Trace Distillery has been producing bourbon on the banks of the Kentucky River. Along this river, the tracks left by bison migrations have opened up new paths of exploration. The Buffalo Trace bourbon, the world's most awarded distillery, is a tribute to free and independent spirits who have had the courage to follow these tracks. Enjoy its inimitable style: on the nose, notes of caramel, fruit and honey. A vanilla taste; delicately woody and finely spiced.

Specialist in outdoor gastronomic pleasures Pioneer in the diffusion of pellet barbecues on the European market (the first Louisiana Grills were proposed from 2008), BARBECUE FRANCE has become today a key player and a specialist and a specialist in the landscape of the Barbecue sector in France. With its growing reputation in recent years, the company now offers through online store www.barbecue-france.fr, a wide range of barbecues, smokers, planchas, braseros, outdoor products, groceries and accessories dedicated to outdoor cooking Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The perfect cut with every knife! Otmar and Timo Horl founded the family-run innovation studio right at the foot of the Black Forest. The unique rolling movement and perfect interaction of the HORL Sharpener combined with the Magnetic Angle Support allow you to gently and efficiently sharpen your kitchen knives as soon as they start to lose their edge. The Magnetic Angle Support automatically maintains the ideal angle for sharpening your knives to ensure swift, high-quality sharpe