Indoor cooking show

Held by expert and passionate chefs, the demonstrations of the indoor cooking show will focus on an appliance increasingly appreciated by the French: the plancha.

What is a plancha?


The Plancha is a large, thick enameled cast iron cooking plate on which food is cooked by direct contact. The food does not touch the flame, which allows a healthy cooking, a perfect seizure and preserves the full flavor of food. It provides an answer to the disadvantages of the barbecue.


Whether you are a cooking lover, a restaurant professional, or simply a happy gourmet, these cooking shows are made for you!




Coming from Australia, the United States, Quebec, South Africa and of course, France, our world-renowned pitmasters will be happy to meet and share their passion with you. Dates and times are not yet set. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.



  • Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec

    Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec fait partie des ces artisans qui ont su redonner sa noblesse au métier de boucher. Sa vocation est née dans son enfance en ferme. Un boucher se déplaçait deux fois par an et son travail fascinait le petit garçon. Sa famille compte plusieurs membres dans le métier. Après un CAP et quelques expériences, Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec ouvre en 1987, à 19 ans, sa première boucherie: le Couteau d'argent. Titré Meilleur boucher de Paris, il fournit les plus grandes tables (Yannick Alléno, Alain Ducasse, Beef Club, Blend...), et devient le spécialiste de la maturation de la viande.

  • Raphael Guillot

    My name is Raphaël and I had a real passion for barbecue when I went to Quebec. There, I discovered a kind of outdoor culinary pleasure that could be done in summer and winter. So I started my blog on barbecue to make people discover that it is possible to make great convivial meals on the barbecue by doing something else than the endless sausage and brochette platters. My goal is to share my knowledge with you throughout the year.

  • Jarvis Scott

    TOP CHEF - Season 12 - Restaurant Substance par Liquide

    Cook, Jarvis Scott is part of the season twelve of Top Chef, airing from February 10, 2021, on M6. After living in Sri-Lanka, where he went to college and high school, he returned to France and attended the famous Ferrandi school, in 2016. Afterwards, he started at the Galopin, then joined the kitchens of the Carré des Feuillants and then the Arpège. Later, he continues to climb the ladder, and becomes chef de partie with Chef Albert Adria in Barcelona. 

  • Stephane Nowowiejski

    Barbecue & vous
    My name is Stéphane Nowowiejski and I am originally from Eastern France. I am curious and passionate about discovering new flavors. I developed a passion for wine, then world cuisine and this led me to Barbecue and I became a big fan of smoking. For me, cooking and barbecuing allow me to create a moment of conviviality and sharing. Our community barbecue & you is a French-speaking meeting place for all the passionate of the embers and the home-made. It's a place of exchange and sharing that brings together amateurs, curious people and experts in smoking and grilling.
  • Wilfried

    TOP CHEF - Season 13

    At the age of 21, he decided to move to Australia to discover the world. After enriching professional experiences in Gold Coast and Melbourne, he took the opportunity to travel around the country, then to New Zealand, Indonesia and finally Thailand. This trip was a culinary revelation as he discovered Asian food. Upon his return to France, he settled in Paris. He has the opportunity to work at the Sur Mesure by Thierry Marx (2*). This professional and human encounter allowed him to discover another approach to cooking. Then at the Baudelaire (1*) with the chef Guillaume Goupil to broaden his classical bases. The desire to travel again was felt and he left for South America. During his stay in Chile he experimented a new culinary approach at the Borago restaurant (27th in the World 50 Best) with Rodolfo Guzman in Santiago. Back in Paris, Wilfried wishes to share his travels with others. Several experiences are offered to him, including one at L'Orangerie (1*) with chef Alan Taudon. He now embarks on a new adventure, season 13 of Top Chef.

  • Laetitia Visse

    La Femme du Boucher

    Une formation à l’école Ferrandi après un bac littéraire, une enfance bercée par la musique baroque et les voyages, un amour inconditionnel des nourritures canailles : Laëtitia Visse étonne et détonne dans la jeune garde culinaire ! Après avoir perfectionné son apprentissage auprès de plusieurs grands noms de la gastronomie, elle a rencontré Thomas Brachet aux « Arlots », bistrot parisien renommé où elle a découvert les joies des saucisses, caillettes et autres cochonnailles faites maison. Installée en Provence depuis 2017, bien décidée à remettre au goût du jour la tradition bouchère et charcutière de la cuisine française, elle a ouvert à l'été 2020 son restaurant à Marseille : La femme du boucher.

  • Yassine ABIED

    Restaurant CARNIUM

    Yassine is passionate about meat. In 2018, he began a professional reconversion to share his passion by opening his restaurant CARNIUM in Vincennes, with a kitchen open to the room for a better carnivorous experience. He highlights the incredible work of his partner breeders, the talent of his artisan butcher as well as his own experiments on maturation (e.g.: Wagyu meat matured in butter...). In 2021, during the 2nd confinement, he launches "CARNE DIEM Stories"; the 1st show dedicated exclusively to the world of meat, inviting breeders, butchers, butchers, restaurateurs and a starred chef (show available on Youtube as well as in podcast format). Meet him at the show.