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Tin-Tin Tattoo

Tin-Tin Tattoo

This year the Barbecue Expo will be hosting one of the world's most famous tattoo artists!
Come watch him and his team of artists tattoo in their booth, or get tattooed over the weekend! If you wish to book an appointment you may contact the shop by e-mail ( or just stop by our booth, and we'll see if we can fit you in!





    Star tattooist for over 20 years !
    Tin-tin was born in Paris, and tattoos at his world-famous shop near the Moulin Rouge. Like most artists from that time, he is self-tought. He started his career in Berlin during his military service in the 1980s, and opened his first shop in Toulouse.
    Tin-tin is most known for his japanese inspired tattoos and realistic pieces, which made him stand out at the beginning of his career.
    In 2003 Tin-tin founded the SNAT (tattoo artist union), and co-wrote the tattoo health guidelines with the government in 2008. He created the Union to get tattooing recognized as an Art, and still fights today. He was a counselor for the Quai Branly Exhibit Tatoueurs, Tatoués, which has travelled around the world from Toronto, to Los Angeles, Madrid and Chigaco to name a few.
  • Who is Tin-Tin Tattoo ?

    Born on August 19, 1965, he got his first tattoo from Bruno1, the first tattooist in Paris, in Pigalle2. He spends a lot of time with the emblematic Marcel, a tattooist on rue Legendre in Paris, where he learns the basics of the trade, studying art books (on Michelangelo or Raphael for example) and comic books3. Tin-Tin started tattooing during his military service in Berlin in 19844. He then tattooed in Toulouse, and won a prize at the Bruges tattoo convention in 19894. He then started tattooing in Paris in 1992. In 1999, he opened his own tattoo parlour on rue de Douai, in the 9th arrondissement.

  • Le Mondial du tatouage

    The Mondial du tatouage is a convention that brings together more than 400 of the world's best tattoo artists and has seen an ever-growing number of visitors (more than 32,000 over three days in 2015). After the first two editions held at the Bataclan in 1999 and the Trianon in 2000, Tin-Tin relaunched the Mondial du tatouage in 2013 at the Cent-Quatre in Paris. The requests of participating tattoo artists and the number of visitors being more and more numerous each year, the show is held at the Grande Hall de la Villette since 2014. Concerts are organised during this event. Dog Eat Dog, Orange Goblin and Madball have performed there.

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    Thierry Manao tatoue depuis 1989, et s'est spécialisé dans le tatouage traditionnel Polynésien, après avoir été formé à Tahiti par le grand chef coutumier Raymond Teriierooiterai. Il maîtrise les styles Marquisiens, Maori, Samoan et Fidjien, et peut raconter votre histoire à travers d'incroyables pièces.