Liquors and spirits

Liquors and spirits

A barbecue is often accompanied by a good alcohol (in moderation of course). During the show, you can discover the selections of our exhibitors. You will find a space dedicated to wine makers, whisky specialists, and craft brewers.

These drinks are perfect for a barbecue. Cocktails or beer as an aperitif, wine at the table, and a digestif to finish in style!

These alcohols are also used to enhance dishes, whether in sauces or to caramelize meats, alcoholic beverages find their place wonderfully in a convivial moment.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health

  • Beers

    At the Barbecue Expo bar, enjoy a good beer while playing pétanque! Two tracks have been prepared specifically for the occasion!

  • Rhum

    Old rums, white or amber, amateurs will find what they are looking for!

  • Wines

    To accompany meat or fish, nothing like a good bottle of wine!

  • Whisky

    Whiskey and barbecue were literally made for each other! In addition to being used in marinades and traditional barbecue sauces, it is a delicious accompaniment to good grilling! Bourbon, Scotch or Single Malt, a variety of whiskey will be offered to you.

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